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How to Download YouTube MP4 Videos in Bulk

YouTube Music Downloader
Download YouTube Music Downloader to Download YouTube MP4 Videos in Bulk

YouTube is one of the intellectual property of Google, and it has millions of subscribers from every nook and corner of the world. It is undoubtedly the best platform all around the globe for showcasing videos. Not only entertainers and musicians found it useful, but the local public also enjoys all kinds of information they get through YouTube. YouTube viewers can stream all kinds of videos, but they cannot enjoy the liberty of downloading these videos. Although a few videos can be downloaded inside the YouTube app, these downloaded videos cannot be sent to other users.

Introduction of YouTube Music Downloader

If you need an excellent tool that can download hundreds of videos for you, then YouTube Music Downloader is the best option. It is a super-light app made for the MC and Windows PC for direct downloading of video files from YouTube. YouTube Music Downloader is developed for giving high performance in most of the PCs. You may not believe it, but it can also be installed at the PCs having only 128 MB of RAM or cache memory.

Prominent Features of YouTube Music Downloader

You can find uncountable apps and softwares for your PCs who claim to be best for downloading video content from YouTube. But, YouTube Music Downloader is among the best utilities available on the internet, which provides secure and valuable experience to the users. These are the prominent feature of YouTube Music Downloader.

1. New and Improved Version

Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Daily Motion keep on changing their codecs for enhancing the user experience. Makers of YouTube Music Downloader keep it updated to meet the latest technical changes for high-quality user experience and performance. Unlike most video downloaders, you don't have to face disappointment due to outdated app.

2. Auto Resume Feature

Auto Resume function has been added to Youtube Music Downloader recently. It allows the users to restart the paused or interrupted video downloads without restarting the process. If a video has been downloaded to 20%, the Auto Resume function starts the download from the interruption point.

3. Enhanced Format Support

You can get the YouTube Music Downloader for your PC from its official site. Recent update enabled YouTube Music Downloader to install the modified support drivers for the download of YouTube media. These modified codes of YouTube Music Downloader helps in playing downloaded videos as well.

4. Video Downloading from Multiple Sites

YouTube Music Downloader is not only restricted to downloading videos from the YouTube site. You can also use this powerful yet minimalistic app for getting videos from other sites like Daily Motion, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. In short, YouTube Music Downloader is capable of downloading videos from 99% of the sites on the internet.

5. 100% Secure Installation

Unlike most freeware video downloaders, you can download the YouTube Music Downloader with trust. This app doesn't ask for any sidekick apps to spam your computer. 80% of the hacking attempts start with the installation of Malware.

6. User-Friendly

YouTube Music Downloader has a minimalistic yet efficient interface. Most downloaders claim to provide premium services, but they are complicated in use. However, YouTube Music Downloader can be used easily by beginners and new computer users as well.

7. Cost-Efficient Software

YouTube Music Downloader is available for free of cost downloading. The free cost version has basic features, and users can also access the premium features of YouTube Music Downloader by paying negligible charges. The registered version provides access to licensed software.

Tutorial for Bulk Downloading of MP4 Videos

YouTube Music Downloader is an easy-to-use software designed for downloading videos in bulk from the internet. Users can download single or multiple videos from YouTube and other sites for offline streaming and sharing. This tutorial can help you in downloading MP4 videos in bulk from YouTube.

Step 1: Download the Youtube Music Downloader from and install it. Installation is a quick and simple process, and it only takes a few seconds.

Step 2: Browse your favorite music and entertainment videos from the built-in music browser in YouTube Music Downloader. Select the range of your desired videos from the results that appeared in the music browser. Finally, use the Download This Music Now option to initiate the bulk download of your selected list.

Step 3: Select the output category of your downloaded videos to MP4. Your downloaded videos would be saved in MP4 format. You would be notified after your downloads.

Videos downloaded by using YouTube Music Downloader can be used to share in all kinds of PCs and cellular devices.

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