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How to Use YouTube MP3 Downloader

Looking for a quick guide for using the YouTube MP3 Downloader accurately? Well, we've got your back! By the time you're done reading this, you'll be a pro at using YouTube MP3 Downloader.

You'll find a lot of artists releasing their original albums exclusively through YouTube. Since streaming them constantly is not an option if you have a limited data package, tools like YouTube MP3 Downloader are helpful in listening to your favorite songs all the times.

However, that's not the only reason why this tool is so highly recommended. It also boasts of several handy features like:

- Auto Recognize YouTube URL
When you copy a YouTube download link, the download option is automatically triggered, thanks to its advanced capabilities.

- Convert to Multiple Formats
Be it video or audio, the downloader does not lack for format options, letting you play these files via multiple players.

- Multiple Websites Supported
Not just YouTube, the downloader supports a plethora of other websites as well, ensuring you can download as many files as possible.

- Auto Resume Feature
Helpful for those on an unstable network, you can resume downloads from the last stopped point.

How Do I Use The YouTube MP3 Downloader?

Are you ready to start downloading your favorite MP3 files off of YouTube? Well, here's a list of instructions about how to do so:

- Step 1: Launch the Downloader and Visit the YouTube Page of the Video
Ensure the YouTube Music Downloader is up and running. Once that's done, visit the YouTube page of the video you intend to download. Since new regulations have come into effect at YouTube, the link must be obtained from the browser and not from the application itself as done before.

- Step 2: Copy the Video Link
Towards the top, you'll find the YouTube video URL link, which is necessary for downloading the video. Copy the video URL using the Ctrl+C shortcut.

How to Use YouTube MP3 Downloader 2

- Step 3: Add the Download
Click on the Add button present in the downloader. This will then trigger a popup, where you will be asked to enter the video URL. Paste the previously copied URL in this section.

How to Use YouTube MP3 Downloader 3

- Step 4: Change the File Format as Per Requirement
Some of you may need both the audio and video file, while others may need just the audio. Luckily, YouTube MP3 Downloader caters to all these needs. A list of attributes is present below the URL section, where you can modify them. You can download in MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, 3GP and many more formats, thanks to the list of options available for you. Once that's done, you can move on to the next step.

- Step 5: Download
Simply click on the Download button after setting the download location. Based on download size and your bandwidth, the download will finish in a few moments to a few minutes time. In case your download stops in between, there's no need to panic! The downloader's auto-resume feature will ensure that your download progress is restored.

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Enjoy Your MP3 Songs

Thanks to this amazing tool, you can enjoy your favorite songs or videos offline without wasting your precious data!

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