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What is The Best YouTube Downloader

Scouting for the best YouTube downloader in town? Well, let us put an end to your search. Take a look at YouTube Music Downloader, a cutting-edge application with remarkable features and give it a try! Thanks to its advanced functions that can help you access any file in any format from YouTube, you'll never have to search for another version ever again!


Features of YouTube Music Downloader

Wondering why we're backing this downloader? Take a look at these best features and judge for yourself:

Auto Resume

This function was much-needed for YouTube users. Google and other browsers don't support auto-resume, meaning, if you accidentally stop a download due to data connectivity issues or conflicts, you'd have to download it again. We know how bad it feels to restart a download after it has hit over 99% in download progress. But this new feature in YouTube Music Downloader fixes this issue and saves the day.

Best Video: Latest YouTube Video Format is Supported

Gone are the days when videos were encoded in H264. YouTube has moved on to VC9 WEBM, the latest standard in the tech world. YouTube Music Downloader has therefore updated its settings as well, capable of accessing and downloading videos at the best possible video quality off of YouTube.

Best Audio: Support for Latest YouTube Music

Google's streaming site has moved on from the old MP3/AAC audio format and so should you! Vorbis and such codec is currently at use for encoding YouTube videos. However, you may find that your native Windows Media Player doesn't support Vorbis codec well enough. The latest updates to YouTube Music Downloader ensures that necessary codec support is downloaded and enabled, helping you play downloaded videos smoothly.

Multiple Video Websites Are Now Supported

Apart from YouTube, now more websites have been added to the downloader's supported site list. For instance, Vimeo, Veoh, Revver, Metacafe, Blip, Yahoo Video, Google Video, Twitter Video, Facebook are just some of the 100+ sites that are now supported for download, opening up a massive resource for you to access videos offline.

Auto Extraction of Video File Titles Now Supported

Remember how Chrome simply saves downloaded files with a random string of gibberish? Well, that's gone now, thanks to YouTube Music Downloader! Once you add the video for a download, it automatically detects the name of the video and saves it, ensuring you don't have to go through that hassle.

Automatically Adds YouTube Video to Download List

What if you wanted to simplify things further? Yep, that what folks at YouTube Music Downloader thought too. With the latest update, it can sense when you copy a link and place it on the clipboard. If the downloader detects it as a video URL, boom! The download window is automatically triggered.

Funny, right? Apart from these highlighted features, you also gain access to a ton of important functions that'll ensure you no longer breach pesky data limits while watching your favorite videos. Simply download using YouTube Music Downloader and you'll be set for action. Enjoy your favorite videos anywhere, thanks to this amazing tool! Just download this best YouTube Downloader and download videos now.

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  • Download YouTube Music Video to MP3 Audio for iPod, MP3 Player and Cellphone
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To AVI and WMV files and watch them offline by YouTube Music Downloader
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To MOV format, then you can watch music videos on your iPod
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To MP4 format for PSP
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To 3GP files, you can watch them on your Cellphone