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YouTube is the largest database of video clips and allows anyone to upload and share his own videos to the world. But despite its popularity, this website has a downside which is available for most video sharing websites. Videos can only be viewed online so, in case your Internet connection is working slowly or you don't have an Internet connetion at all, you won't have access to the videos. The solution that comes into everyone's mind is to convert the videos into normal audio and video files, for playing them anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't allow this, but using specialized software, downloading videos can be possible.

YouTube Music Downloader is just the program for this. It's a simple Windows application that allows converting any YouTube video into a wide range of audio and video formats. That's why you shouldn't be fooled by the program's name. The program's principle of work is simple. The user just needs to copy and paste a YouTube link into the program's interface, select the desired audio or format, adjust the quality settings and then click on the conversion button.

For making it even easier to add YouTube videos to the program, YouTube Music Downloader automatically monitors the clipboard and can detect any YouTube link copied to it. The program's interface includes a built-in web browser that allows the user to browse to the YouTube website and select the video he is interested in. For making it easier to find certain types of music videos, the program features several genres of music displayed in the left part of the interface. Clicking on any of them will take the user to a YouTube page where only that type of music is contained.

YouTube Music Downloader allows downloading and converting more YouTube videos at once into a chosen folder on the hard disk. After the download process is over, the program can automatically open the folder where the audio or video file was saved, making it easier to access it.

It can convert any YouTube video into a wide range of audio and video formats, each having its own quality settings. Besides that, the program can capture all the YouTube links copied into clipboard. What's more, multiple videos can be downloaded and converted at the same time.

YouTube Music Downloader is the right solution for converting any YouTube video into a wide range of audio and video formats.

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