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(From great number of modern devices, such as cell phones, portable consoles and MP3 players support video playback these days. However, we don't always have time to grab videos from TV, compress them and convert into the necessary format. At the same time, millions of videos are available for free on Youtube and it would be imprudent not to use such an inexhaustible source of music. Ironically, Youtube uses its own format that is not directly supported by mobile devices. The authors of YouTube Music Downloader once decided to solve this problem once and for all and now you have a great opportunity to download music videos to your pocket jukebox!

YouTube Music Downloader allows you to download music videos and instantly convert them to a format of choice - be it a regular MP3 file, an AVI or WMV file, a MOV file for your iPod, an MP4 video for your brand new PSP or a 3GP file for your good old phone. *** The conversion process is fast, so you can grab a video from Youtube and send it to your iPod while your kettle is heating up.

If you don't want to mess with complex applications, converters and third-party video grabbers, go for YouTube Music Downloader! This great software makes the process of Youtube video conversion a matter of minutes, so chances are that very soon it will become your favorite way of resupplying your music collection!

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YouTube Music Downloader Size: 3.88MB
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95 USD
Description: Download YouTube music videos and convert them to MP3,AVI,WMV,MOV,MP4,3GP formats. Download Millions of music from YouTube, Try YouTube Music Downloader Now!
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YouTube Music Downloader Features

  • Download YouTube Music Video to MP3 Audio for iPod, MP3 Player and Cellphone
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To AVI and WMV files and watch them offline by YouTube Music Downloader
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To MOV format, then you can watch music videos on your iPod
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To MP4 format for PSP
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To 3GP files, you can watch them on your Cellphone